What Happens in AsheVegas...

Jesse and I headed down to Asheville, NC for the 3rd Annual South Atlantic Hops Conference. If you haven't made the trip to Mills River to »

2017 American Hop Convention Roundup

AJ & I recently traveled to Bend, Oregon for the 2017 American Hop Convention - what an amazing couple of days. I had the honor of »

The Lupulin Exchange Hired!

Hello! I'm AJ Hoffer, a.k.a, the new guy around LEx! Allow myself to introduce... myself: FIRST, LET'S GET PERSONAL Currently, I live in Lancaster, »


Simon and John chat about how The Lupulin Exchange got started and where things are headed. »

Feature Update: Improved Hop Alert Filters

Hop Alert filters just became more powerful. In addition to the global filters that we released in February, now you can set price and/or crop »