Feature Update: Variety Price History

Have you ever wished you could view actual trading prices in real-time? Well, now you can. All listings on The Lupulin Exchange now display recent trading »

The Lupulin Exchange is on a Train

I never thought I'd say this, but The Lupulin Exchange logo is on a train in California. Whaaaat? Our payment processor, WePay, recently slapped our logo »

Reselling Hops at a Profit May Have "Consequences & Repercussions"

Hop brokers are watching you. Could making a quick buck jeopardize your hop contracts? Recently, we heard from a brewer who has been selling proprietary varieties »

Why Are Some Hop Varieties So Expensive?

Breeding new hop varieties is an expensive process that often spans decades. Some varieties come out of public institutions, while others are bred by private companies. »

March Bargains

Every now and then we scan The Lupulin Exchange for the most competitively priced listings and compile a quick list. The best deals typically sell in »